About Us


Treats a la Bark is a Sydney-owned company and we produce only 100% Australian made organic dog treats.

Our mission is to provide a pure life for dogs everywhere and we are passionate about promoting healthy and low allergy foods. Our treats use only the finest certified organic ingredients ingredients and we are proud that we make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of pups around Australia by providing alternatives to other unhealthy treats on the market. At Treats a la Bark, we believe that dogs only deserve the best and should enjoy the same nutritious foods that you do, just like the rest of your family. After all, dogs are family!

Treats a la Bark was launched after our founder, Naomi noticed her pug Rufio had developed skin irritations. This led her to take an interest in exactly what her dog was eating. What she found shocked her. Have you ever read the ingredients list of your dog’s food? Dog treats on the market often contain preservatives and ingredients such as animal by-products and allergens like wheat, dairy and soy. Some even contain refined sugar! These unsafe ingredients can cause potential serious health effects to your dog. We understand the importance of eating natural and organic food free of preservatives and chemicals so why shouldn’t our dogs enjoy this too?

Treats a la Bark is committed to bringing you healthy and organic treats in delicious flavours. All of our treats are made with love here in Australia and use only human grade, Certified Organic ingredients. Made with a low allergy risk formula with no dairy, no wheat, no preservatives, no chemicals, no soy and nothing artificial, you can be sure that your dog is getting exactly what nature intended.

At Treats à la Bark, we love all things dog – from the wagging of their tails, their excitement when you come home, to their face licks and how cute they look when they sleep.  Dogs truly touch your heart. For this reason we are changing the world of dogs one bite at a time by providing healthier food and giving back to charities around Australia that help dogs who are less fortunate.

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