pumpkin pie bites feature

No Bake Halloween Dog Treats

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some easy no bake halloween pumpkin pie dog treats! Remember that these are a treat so only give one per day! Don’t overfeed these to your … Continue reading

top 5 benefits of coconut oil benefits for dogs

Top 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

The coconut has been found to have many benefits not only for humans, but for our dogs as well. This superfood is an excellent source of nutrition and takes many forms including shredded coconut meat, coconut milk and coconut water. … Continue reading

dog lamington recipe organic dog treat

DIY Dog Lamingtons

Australia Day is here and with it, inevitably, comes lamingtons! We love how soft they are made with chocolate and coconut goodness! However, human lamingtons are made from sponge using white flour and sugar as well as cocoa which are … Continue reading

6 tips to prevent fleas on dogs

6 tips to prevent fleas on dogs

When dog lovers are asked what they dread most about the summer months, the topic that comes up most is fleas! Fleas are tiny little parasites, but they can lead to serious health problems if not treated. This week, Dr … Continue reading

top 5 dog treat toys treats a la bark organic dog treats

Top 5 Dog Treat Toys

Treat dispensing dog toys should be a staple in every dog parent’s toolbox! They offer your pup with mental stimulation and help relieve boredom which can mitigate a lot of common behaviourial problems, whilst also providing hours of energy burning … Continue reading

pancreatitis in dogs christmas safety

Pancreatitis in Dogs – be safe this Christmas!

We know how tempting it is to give your dog a taste of your Christmas dinner but it’s very important to only choose safe foods to give to your pup! Foods that are high in fat can cause vomiting and diarrhea … Continue reading

treats a la bark organic dog treats bindle

Treats a la Bark in “Man’s Best Friend” Bindle Box

We are delighted to announce that Treats a la Bark Organic Raspberry & Carob Barkscotti has been hand picked for the “Man’s Best Friend” Bindle Box. Bindle was founded by Catherine Blackford in Melbourne and engages local artisans to produce Australian, … Continue reading

Moush Pet Art Treats a la Bark Organic Dog Treats

Moush Pet Art

Recently, we stumbled upon Moush, founded by 2 sisters Emilia and Vivian, which is a Sydney based company helping you capture the memories of your life in the most fun and unique way. They can turn your digital images into … Continue reading


Travelling overseas with your dog

Lately it seems that many of us are transferring overseas to pursue work opportunities. This can throw the most organised person into turmoil as they orchestrate the seemingly infinite number of tasks involved. Many people can’t bear to think of … Continue reading

Treats a la Bark organic dog treats Pretty Fluffy hand picked vendor

Treats a la Bark Organic Dog Treats is a Pretty Fluffy Hand Picked Vendor!

We were extremely excited to be contacted by the wonderful Serena and Soda from Pretty Fluffy. They recently launched their Shopping Guides on their website and we are absolutely stoked that Treats a la Bark has been chosen as a … Continue reading

personalised dog products

IDPET – personalised goodies for your pup!

Who doesn’t love a good personalised present? A personalised gift makes birthdays and xmas just that little bit more special. Recently, we stumbled across IdPet which specialises in canine individuality and personality with a range of personalised pet products that … Continue reading

tick safety for dogs


Ticks are a dreaded enemy – none of us wants to find a tick on our dogs.  They are the most dangerous of parasites that can infest your dog and they kill. With the warmers months fast approaching, it is important … Continue reading

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